Brief History

  • 20 September 2002. Gateway Motors Corporation was incorporated with the primary objective to engage as the sole and exclusive dealer of Kia vehicles, parts and service for the whole province of Cebu. The original incorporators are Bienvenido Santos, Roberto Lozada, Demosthenes Rosales, Philips Reposo, and Fiorella Azura.

  • 02 August 2004. Gateway Motors Corporation was turned over to a new management headed by Mr. Martin Goho, Chairman, and Markane Goho, President. Under the new management, the sales started to soar especially with the introduction of new models like the Kia Picanto and the Kia Sorento.

  • 12 July 2006. A new company, Gateway Motors (Cebu) Inc., was incorporated for the same purpose of selling KIA vehicles, parts and service for the whole province of Cebu. The new set of incorporators include Mr. Martin Goho, Mrs. Estrella Goho, Mr. Markane Earle Goho, Mrs. Anita Yu, and Mrs. Lily Chua.

    Kia Mandaue

  • The first KIA showroom, Kia Mandaue, is located
    at 417 A.C. Cortes Avenue Mandaue City, Cebu.
  • Area: 5,000 sqm.

    Kia Gorordo

  • 25 April 2007. Gateway Motors (Cebu) Inc.
    opened another KIA dealership along
    Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City.
    Kia Gorordo is the biggest Kia dealer in the
    Philippines Ė in terms of Sales and Area.
  • Area: 9,200 sqm.

    Kia Talisay

  • 07 July 2008. Gateway Motors (Cebu) Inc.
    opened another Kia dealership along the
    National Highway, Linao, Talisay City.
  • Area: 3,000 sqm.

    Kia Bohol

  • 12 December 2006. Gateway Motors (Cebu) Inc.
    opened its first KIA dealership outside Cebu.
    KIA Bohol is located along CPG North
    Avenue in Tagbilaran City.
  • Area: 2,000 sqm.

    BMW Cebu

  • 07 March 2011. The Goho Family incorporated
    a new company, Autowelt Inc., with the primary
    purpose of being the sole and exclusive dealer of
    BMW vehicles, parts, and service in the entire
    province of Cebu. The incorporators are
    Martin Goho, Estrella Goho, Markane Goho,
    Michael Goho, and Anita Yu.
  • Area: 2,700 sqm.

    Peugeot Cebu

  • 30 May 2013, Autowelt Inc. inaugurated the
    Peugeot Brand in Cebu by opening a Dealership
    at the North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City
    and a showroom inside SM City Cebu.
  • Area: 1,250 sqm.

    Kia Palawan

  • 22 January 2010. Gateway Motors (Cebu) Inc.
    opened another Kia dealership in Puerto Princesa,
  • Area: 1,500 sqm.

    Nissan Palawan

  • 03 May 2011. Upon the encouragement and
    invitation of business tycoon and current
    Governor of Palawan, Hon. Jose Ch. Alvarez,
    the Goho family incorporated Puerto Gateway
    Motors Corporation Ė for the primary purpose to
    engage as the exclusive dealer of Nissan
    (Universal Motors Corporation) vehicles, parts,
    and service in the entire province of Palawan.
    The incorporators are Markane Goho,
    Fiorello Azura, Roberto Lozada, Christopher
    Pastrana, Orlando Balbon.
  • Area: 1,500 sqm.

    Suzuki Palawan

  • 06 February 2012. Puerto Gateway Motors Corp.
    opened its first Suzuki dealership in
    Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.
  • Area: 1,000 sqm.

    Mall Showrooms

  • 01 June 2012. Gateway Motors (Cebu) Inc.
    opened the first and only KIA showroom
    located inside the mall at SM City Cebu.
  • Area: 170 sqm.

  • Peugeot Cebu Showroom.
  • Area: 150 sqm.

    Brand New Units Stockyard

  • Tawason, Mandaue City.
  • Area: 1.5 Hectares.

    Other Related Businesses

    Cebuís biggest used car dealer with over 250
    units available ranging from ordinary cars to
    luxury vehicles.

    SHOP. Cebuís first and only institutionalized
    LTO registration & Insurance renewal center.

  • GATEWAY MOTORS CEBU INC. is also the
    exclusive distributor of PETRON Lubricants
    for Cebu City.

    Gateway Motors Group

    Gateway Motors Cebu Inc.

  • Kia Mandaue
  • Kia Gorordo
  • Kia Talisay
  • Kia Bohol
  • Kia Palawan
  • Kia SM City Cebu

    Puerto Gateway Motors Corp.

  • Nissan Palawan
  • Suzuki Palawan

Autowelt Inc.

  • BMW Cebu
  • Peugeot Cebu
  • Peugeot SM City Cebu
  • MG Grand Royale Motors Corp.

  • Nissan Davao
  • Nissan General Santos
  • Other Related Businesses

  • Premium Used Cars
  • Automotive One-Stop Shop
  • Petron Lubricants Distributor